Marketing A Dental Practice Online


WSI began working with this dental practice  in 2010, with the objective to provide a site for patients to find the practice and get information about it and oral health, online.


WSI designed and built a web site and authored content pages about services offered. Each page was optimized for the local market area. Business listings in 20 local directories were either registered or claimed for the office including Google Local (now Google+), Yahoo!, and Bing.

A year later, the practice created advertising campaigns on search engine platforms to generate leads in addition to the traffic growing from organic visibility based on the initial content. A pay-per-click (“PPC”) platform manages ads across Google, Yahoo! and Bing search networks, was used.

The website was updated at the end of 2014, to modernize the look-and-feel of the site, make it mobile-friendly, and further increase the conversion ratio of visitors to the site contacting the practice either by phone, appointment request, or email.


Traffic to the site has grown steadily. The graph below shows traffic levels in Q1, 2015, vs. Q1, 2014.


Visitors find the site through a variety of mechanisms, indicating a well-balanced internet “presence” not just a website.

The following chart shows recent volumes of visits to the site based on where they originated:

  • “Organic” search
  • Referrals from other websites
  • Direct entry of the URL into a browser
  • Online search advertising (pay-per-click, or “PPC”), and
  • Social media.



WSI manages two PPC campaigns, one for orthodontics and one for general dentistry. Key statistics for the paid search campaigns are:

Cick-through Rate (CTR) 2.4% Percentage of time that the ads are clicked when presented on a search results page
Cost Per Click (CPC) $5.98 The cost for each time someone clicked on one of the practice’s ads
Conversion Rate 15.3% Percentage of time that someone clicking through to the site called or followed up by form or email
Cost Per Lead (CPL) $39.08 The cost for each time someone called or filled out a form or emailed

In summary, this dental practice has enjoyed a significant boost to their business from a balanced online marketing strategy.

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