Marketing a Legal Practice Online


WSI began working with this law firm, when the founding partners merged their practices in late 2013. The firm’s primary practices include family and criminal law.

The objectives the firm brought to WSI were to:

  • Develop Brand Identity
  • Create a website as an anchor and hub for web presence
  • Create a Video to tell the firm’s story in a personal way
  • Create a Social Media Presence to be credible, and accessible
  • Build market perception of the partners as thought leaders in their fields, and,
  • Generate new cases for clients finding the firm online.


WSI’s design team developed the brand identity for the new firm including logo, letterhead, business card, and envelope designs, ready for print.

We then took the new brand identity and created the website and social media properties on Facebook, Twitter and Google +, building the site out in WordPress for ease of maintenance and optimization.

WSI’s video team worked with the client to develop and edit a compelling video that serves as an integral part of the introduction and “feel” new visitors get when they come to the website.

WSI’s digital marketing team then took on the work to research the competing websites and practices in the target market so we could optimize the site for search engines (“search engine optimization” or “SEO”). Blending information about the firm’s practices areas with the research, initial content was written.

WSI also manages a content marketing program in which we plan out a combination of website additions, blog posts, and social media posts each month. We create and post the content on a scheduled basis. eBooks and infographics are also created periodically to generate more shareable content.

As website traffic to a new website from SEO takes time to build, a pay per click (“PPC”) paid search campaign was created, to attract potential clients, and convert them to leads. As organic traffic has grown steadily, we have been able to greatly scale back the PPC spend, while still generating new leads and cases for the firm.


In a competitive market, we carefully targeted and tracked specific keyword rankings to make sure the content and optimization strategy were impacting the firm’s position in search results.

The next graphs show the average ranking of the keywords being tracked, and the actual number of keywords showing on page 1, 2 and 3, of search engine results pages.



As a result of the ranking growth, organic traffic to the site has grown steadily since the program began as shown in the following graph.



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