Marketing an Insurance Agency Online


WSI began working with this independent insurance agency in 2012. At the time the agency had a small web presence with very little content and no visibility on the web.

The objective was to provide a site for visitors to find in-depth information about insurance products and services, and begin creating some online search visibility.


WSI authored content pages about the various products and services offered by the agency, each optimized for the local market area, created branded social media pages and set up a blog.

WSI then began blogging on the agency’s behalf 4 times/month and continually posting on the social platforms to help the agency become a thought leader and sustaining presence within its industry, generate search based leads, and become part of the online insurance community and conversation.

The website was updated during the summer of 2014, which modernized the look-and-feel and made it mobile-friendly. At the same time, they opened a second insurance agency in Louisville, Kentucky. The updated website and additional Kentucky pages had the added benefit of improving the conversion ratio of visitors to the site either by phone or email in both Virginia and Kentucky.


The total traffic to the site continues to grow, as shown in Google Analytics graph below, where the blue line represents traffic in early 2015, vs. the same time period in 2013 when we started working with this agency.


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