Inbound Marketing


How easy is it to skip a commercial, change a channel, or pick the music you want to hear?  Really easy!

What does that mean for marketing?  It means that  interrupting the people in your target markets with ads, has become a very ineffective way of reaching them with messages about your products and services.

Imagine instead, that you were producing words, pictures, videos or recordings, that were really useful, or entertaining – or entertaining and useful – to those same people. You no longer need to pay expensive advertising network fees to deliver an interruptive message which is often ignored. Your target audience will now seek out your information.  That’s what inbound marketing is all about – creating value to attract customers.

Is it right for you? Well here’s more information about inbound marketing to help you decide, and how to go about it.  And we’re always here if you need help!

But does it work? On average, inbound marketing leads cost less than half of traditional marketing leads.  This infographic has a number of impressive statistics about both the effect and ROI of inbound marketing. Take a look – chances are inbound marketing is key to making your consulting, medical, professional service business more successful.

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