Marketing Assessment and Website Audit

Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice!

Almost all business owners are beginning to recognize the importance and value of incorporating a digital marketing strategy into their overall business plan. But, one of the biggest mistakes we see happen is the rush to get online… build that website, put up those social media pages, write a blog, start a PPC campaign… all without a complete digital strategy in place.

Going digital, just for the sake of having a website and using social media tools is not the answer. And if done poorly, can damage your brand. The key to generating great ROI, through digital marketing, is developing a comprehensive strategy.

Marketing Assessment

Our marketing assessment and website audit provides a thorough understanding of your business, its processes, goals, target markets, marketing objectives and competition. First, we’ll see what you’re doing well and uncover the gaps and exposures in your current web properties and online strategy. Second, we’ll identify the best action steps and best practices to improve your website, landing pages, and social media properties. And last, we’ll put in place a marketing strategy that improves your online performance and makes the cash register ring.

Our assessment will provide you with:

  • Website performance and benchmarking audit
  • Competitive analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • Reputation Management audit
  • Social Media review
  • Analysis of current campaign(s)
  • Comprehensive digital marketing strategy and plan

Capture the full online potential of your business

Once we fully understand both your business and your digital needs, we’ll create a digital marketing blueprint to unlock your online business potential. It’s time for your business to move into the digital space. Call WSI today to discuss a comprehensive marketing assessment and let’s get started!

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