Social Media Marketing

Build Community… Be part of the Conversation

Social media is about building relationships and engaging with customers, and if done correctly, it’s like having a room, or better yet, a stadium, full of people tuned in to what you have to say. And by ‘what you have to say’, we mean all that valuable content you’re creating. It’s not as hard as you think to connect with like-minded people who have a potential need for your products and services. It just requires strategy, commitment, and perseverance to build your audience.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube… in a nutshell, these are engines of social media. They were designed to be highly accessible forms of social interaction. Over the last few years, these sites, among many others, have transformed both consumers and businesses by lessening the gap between the two. Social media has created a bridge between consumer and producer.

The benefits of social media marketing

Social media has the potential to attract and hold the attention of a vast demographic of people, especially those who have grown numb to traditional interruption marketing. These benefits include:

    1.  Affordable marketing – There’s no need for a large budget to conduct social media marketing
    2.  Viral nature – Users can easily share your messages with their friends with a click of a button
    3.  Enhances brand – Through social media you can build and enhance your online reputation
    4. Builds credibility – User generated endorsements hold more credibility with your target audience than traditional advertising
    5. Increases traffic – A well-planned social media strategy will drive more traffic to your website
    6. Engages customers – Connect with your customers and respond to their feedback in real-time

At WSI, we realize the importance of moving your business forward and adapting to the rapid changes and demands of today’s business world. Using social media is a new way for your business to reach your customers, gain new ones, and maintain your credibility and reputation with your customer base.

Increase your public visibility

More businesses are implementing social solutions and communicating with consumers on a social level, which means if you’re not socially active and available, you aren’t being found in the places where your potential customers expect you to be. If this sounds like your business, your absence is being noted. And it’s only getting worse the longer you don’t show up.

Social media marketing means better relationships with customers, which means increased retention and brand advocacy. You’re building an audience and opening a conversation. This is especially true with regard to questions, comments and referrals. Instead of speaking one-on-one with a current or potential customer, the conversations are available to other people searching and talking about the same things. The more you engage, the higher your overall visibility.

It’s time to get started

Our social marketing solutions are built to help your business understand the social scene and make it easier to enter the social arena. It’s time to lay the groundwork for social media marketing, expand your outreach, and help your business stay engaged with your current and potential customers. Call today to schedule a social media marketing consultation.

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